Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"Pillow Talk"

Okay its not what your thinking.

About a year ago i was making pillows. Just cute little decorative pillows to sit on the couch or spruce up a bed. I put them up on Facebook and everyone loved them ! People kept trying to put their order in and i didn't think they would be a huge hit like they were. I was excited but i wasn't prepared for orders and making tons at a time. If you have ever made a pillow that has a lot of detail you know its quite time consuming, but I'm thinking about starting up again and actually selling them this time. Pillows go on Etsy for $30 and $40 ! (So I'm glad I'm able to make them).

Really it's quite simple. Everyone has a creative side, so im going to show you one of my pillows and tell you how i made it.
I like to do team pillows since college football is so big. And im an Alabama fan so the first pillow i made was an adorable little white pillow with a crimson A in the bottom corner, with a black lace (doily) design around the A. (ROLL TIDE)

All you need is :

fabric (color of your choice)
Paint (again your preffered colors)
Doily ( yeah im doily obsessed if you could tell.)
Pillow stuffing
Paint brush or sponge paint brush
Freezer paper for logo ( i free handed mine but freezer paper makes it easier)
Sewing machine
spray adhesive

Okay now that youve gathered all your items decide how big youll want your pillow.
Cut two identical squares and put one square aside.
One the square you have decide where youll want the doily design. you can do it on the corner or the middle its all up to you. (Im pretty sure i used the largest doily in the paper Wilton doily pack that has 3 different sizes.)
Take the spray adhesive and spray the back of the doily all over and press onto the fabric wherever you choose.(keep in mind the only part that will show after you paint it will be the outer lace design.)
Now take your paint you have chosen for the color of the lace design and pour some onto a plate.
Use your  paint brush or sponge and get some paint on it. make sure you dab off excess, you dont want it  piled on there too thick. You would rather have too little paint on there than too much, you can always come back and go over it and if your using a paper doily too much paint will bleed through the doily defeating the purpose.
Start painting on top of the lace design until you have the desired area covered.
You can blow dry it or just wait for it to dry.
Once its done peel the doily off.
For the team logo get some freezer paper. Since its only waxed on one side you can trace your logo on the unwaxed side and cut it out with an exacto knife. Then you have an iron on stencil !
Iron it on using the lowest heat setting on the iron.
Paint inside the area you cut out with your exacto.
Let it dry and peel away the freezer paper.
Now take the designed square and put it face down on the other square. Sew the outer parts of the square all the way around EXCEPT a small hole to flip it right side out and stuff it. Once stuffed close it up using your preffered stitch.
Now you should have a beautiful pillow for all to behold !

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

Love & Pillows,


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