Friday, January 20, 2012

It's "Fifteen / Eleven" & i'm obsessed !

I have the incredible urge to decorate a room. An office if you will.
If you read "RUE Magazine" you'll know why.
The lovely ladies decided to make their January issue all about decorating small spaces, and me being a sucker for pretty pictures of rooms (or just about anything for that matter) wants a blank room to go crazy in. Dont we all ?
One place really caught my attention. Its this great little paper company in Washington, DC called "Fifteen/Eleven". When it comes to their decor (and inventory) they can do no wrong ! If you havent heard about them click here now ! and then flip to page 28. Go ahead and read the whole thing at the risk of wanting to buy a New York apartment and "fix it up".

A few pictures so you understand my obsession !

Perfect color scheme to allow pop's of color throughout.
(Look at that bowl of pink's, yellow's and navy's !)

If you are as infatuated with their product's as you are the decor heres a link to their website.



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