Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Lovely Doily Journal D.I.Y.

This is my first ever D.I.Y. post !
(I'm also counting it as my very first "real" post considering my past two post's were two years ago.
I obviously wasn't ready to commit to blogging then. Let's see how round two goes shall we ? )

    Being a beginner i wanted something pretty to keep my blogging ideas in and keep me organized.
I found a black notebook and thought "Hmmm, this would look great with a doily on it".
So with that thought i created this little beauty...

Here's how..

Black Notebook
Spray Adhesive
(you might want something a little stronger so the doily REALLY stays put)

Fit the doily to the cover of the notebook.
You'll want half the doily on the cover and the other half on the inside cover.
I used one of the smallest doilies in the Wilton pack with the three different sizes. They are paper.

After you fit it lay it face down on a surface covered with something like paper or an old magazine you don't want spray adhesive on.



After you've sprayed it really good with the adhesive, fit it to the cover of the notebook again and once it's on close the notebook and press down on the doily to ensure it sticking. I would suggest finding something heavy and flat to lay on top for a while and leave it alone to adhere.

And there you have a lovely little notebook to keep your great ideas !

I hope you enjoyed this D.I.Y. !

Yours truly,


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